Wood Fired Pizza Anyone?

The NEW Brick ‘N’ Flame Wood Fired Oven – $1499

The Brick ‘N’ Flame Wood Fired oven is an outdoor cooking oven designed and made in the U.S.A. Our superior design and high quality refractories allows the oven to hold temperature for hours so that you can bake high quality food.

The 3’ stainless steel pipe directs smoke up and out of the way so that you can have clean access to the doorway of your oven. The kit comes ready to assemble and is customizable. You can finish your oven however you like with non-combustible materials so that you get the design you want!

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How to Make Rosemary Bread in Your Wood Fired Oven

We have been having so much fun testing new recipes in our Wood Fired Oven! Our most recent experiment yielded some of the most delicious bread we have ever had. It’s home made, it’s soft, it’s flavorful, it’s basically everything we love about bread. (Scroll to the bottom to watch the video) The secret to…

How to Make Pizza Dough

So, you know how to cook pizza at the correct temperature with all of the seasonings that will make it delicious, but have you mastered the crust?? Not to brag, but this pizza crust is the best we have ever tasted! Not too thick, not too thin, perfectly crisp, and a great vehicle for all…

Wood Fired Steak in 6 Minutes

After firing up the grill and making this steak at work one day, it’s been really hard to order steak at a restaurant 🙂 It took us such a short amount of time to grill in the Brick ‘N’ Flame wood fired oven and both the texture and the flavor were so amazing, I began…

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